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Let you come near to strong bar

   We are professional manufacturer of high magnetic field strength magnetic bar and the high-efficiency separators enterprises.Bar magnet magnetic strength of up to 8000-12000 Gauss, the bar is widely used in new materials, ceramic industrial raw materials, chemical, food, medicine, health, textile, machinery, raw materials, paints, building materials industry in the slurry of iron removal; machinery and equipment caused by iron grinding iron removal; food processing industries (such as dehydrated vegetables) process in addition to iron, silicon carbide, corundum abrasive industry, Ishi Eisa, such as aluminum process for removing iron in feed; iron removal; refractories, ceramics and other manual, semi automatic iron removing iron removing in the production process of the slurry, iron removal, automatic or semi automatic iron removing.It is made of stainless steel tube and permanent magnet form a plurality of strong magnetic bar combined on the fixing frame, to form a magnetic filter.When iron-bearing material through, by magnetic attraction, the substance containing iron firmly adsorbed on the wall, to ensure the equipment in good condition and product safety.Magnetic rod length, frame size, shape, according to your request the production.We have produced strong magnetic, many specifications, such as diameter of 22, 25, 32, mm, length can be 300, 500, 1000MM, or longer, shorter.Magnetic bar size, length, shape of the frame, can be customized according to your request.Call please inform the needs of magnetic rod diameter, length, surface magnetic, can you tell us the purpose, the other by us to design.

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