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Strong neodymium magnet material of some basic knowledge

Strong neodymium  material of some basic knowledge

Neodymium permanent magnetic material is the intermetallics Nd2Fe14B based permanent magnet materials.Relative to the casting Al-Ni-Co permanent magnetic materials and permanent magnet ferrite material, neodymium iron boron with high energy product and coercivity, can absorb the equivalent to 640 times its own weight.The advantages of high energy density, the neodymium iron boron permanent magnetic material in modern industry and electronic technology has gained wide application, thus making instruments, electro-acoustic electric, magnetic magnetization equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin possible.Material characteristics of neodymium iron boron has the advantages of high cost performance, excellent mechanical properties, easy machining; deficiency lies in the low Curie temperature, temperature characteristic, and easy powder corrosion, must adjust its chemical composition and surface treatment method to improve, in order to meet the requirement of practical application.

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