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Neodymium magnet to corrosion

    Neodymium magnet is very easy corrosion.Therefore, the finished mostly to the plating or coating.The conventional method of the surface treatment include: nickel (nickel copper nickel), zinc, aluminum, such as electrophoresis.If you work in a confined environment, also can use phosphate treatment mode.

Neodymium magnet is used extensively at present, with the rapid development of magnet products.Neodymium iron boron from invention to present wide application, but also 20 years.Because it has high magnetic performance and ease of processing, the price is not high, so the application field expands rapidly.At present, the commercialization of NdFeB, magnetic energy product can reach 50MGOe, ferrite 10 times.

     Neodymium magnet also belongs to the powder metallurgy products, processing mode and samarium cobalt similar.At present, the neodymium magne t maximum operating temperature at 180 degrees celsius.If the poor environment, the general recommended not to exceed 140 degrees celsius.

Neodymium magnet characteristics: and usually associated with ferrite permanent magnet, NdFeB magnet having excellent magnetic properties. The magnetic energy is much higher than other types of magnets, can be called "a generation of magneto".Neodymium magnet with high saturation magnetization of Bs (Bs=16KGs) and magnetic anisotropy field HA (HA=73KOe), NdFeB magnet products are widely used in packaging, toys, gifts crafts, fitness magnetron cars, motor, micro motor, computer, instrument, instrument, motorcycle, cameras, watches and clocks, audio, home appliances, office automation, magnetotherapy and daily life in various fields.

   As a result of neodymium magnet high magnetic performance, on many occasions, being used to replace other magnetic materials, to reduce the volume of the product.If the use of ferrite magnets, now mobiles phones size, probably not less than half brick.

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