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The magnet of domain application in the precision machine tool industry

   The magnet in the precision machine tool industry domain application.Currently, in the United States, the European industrialized countries, automobiles industry because of the large, mass production automation, has been fully realized in the pursuit, batch flexible production, increasing by NC machine tool.The car, aviation industry also towards this direction.According to preliminary statistics, at present, the world machine tool has a volume of about 14000000, of which NC machine tool and machine tool with the total volume of the proportion of about 7.1%; the world machine tool output of about 1500000, of which 200000 per NC machine, NC machine tools accounted for about 13.3%.If the per NC average machine 2.5 coordinate gauge system, then coordinate number is 500000, 80% adopts a DC permanent magnet motor control, and motor is unable to meet the requirements for small size, which is no doubt the neodymium iron boron permanent magnet open up a vast market, especially of bonded NdFeB permanent magnet, NC is a tool with the ideal magnetic motor.Because NC application environment temperature is not high, other condition is good, bonded NdFeB permanent magnetic thin annular, axially oriented, be multipolar magnetizing, whether injection or compression molding, can make accurate size, orientation of the magnetic field uniformity.



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