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Super magnetic drum

Magnetic drum for belt conveyor

Magnetic drum for belt conveyor

1. With Japanese Technology.
2. Be manufactured with 10000---170000 Gs.
3. With 15 days delivery time.

Features Features of Magnetic Drum Pulley For Belt Conveyor
1. Easily installed.
2. Self-cleaning action.
3. Continuous, permanent and power free.
4. Super-tough, trouble free operation.
5. Maximum power and separation.
6. Efficient, cost-saving recovery of harmful tramp metal.

Main Use of Magnetic Pulley
Magnetic Pulleys are usually used in filtration and concentration of ores, chemicals and granular products, tramp iron removals from conveyor belts, and separation other particles in other industries, such as waste recovery, feed or grain, mining, recycling applications.

Working Principle of Magnetic Pulley
When transported material contaminated with ferrous metals is carried over the pulley, it is subjected to magnetic field. Non-ferrous fractions pass the pulley unaffected, while ferrous contaminants are attracted to the concentrated and strong magnetic field generated by the pulley. The attracted ferrous metals are carried by the rotating pulley in the magnetic field and drop off by their own under the drum away from the magnetic field. The best separation efficiency is obtained by additional installation of the splitter for dividing the stream of purified material from attracted ferrous metals.

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