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Magnetic bar

Magnetic bar/rod

Magnetic bar/rod

This product adopts rare earth NdFeB that we made by ourselves,through accurate design of magnetic circuit,the surface of magnet field is up to 8000-14000GS.the principle is that when the iron pass it,it Receives the attraction of magnetic field,the iron is attracted on the surface of pipe firmly to Ensure equipment in good order and product safety,it can greatly reduce the iron content in the finished materials.

  This product is widely applied in ceramic material, chemical medicine, mechanical electron, paint pigment, food processing, spinning and weaving and so on.

   Product specifications:
1, Usually there are 2 shapes, round bar and square bar. For the round magnetc bar, we have many models of the diameter for your choice:1/2",3/4",1",11/4",13/4",2",3",4".., or can be made as per your requirements.

2, There are 2 kinds of material for the magnetic bar : hard ceramic magnetic bar with weaker strength and NdFeB magnetic bar with strong strength . The normal    magnetic value ranges from 1500 to 12000 gauss.

3, Well polished stainless steel are the outer coverings for the magnetic bar and the ends processiong will be as per the requirements,( plain or tapped ends).

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